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Author: Peter Barnes - (more levelsets by this author)

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Date Posted: 2007-11-06 Description:
I've gotten tired of 'too easy' round sets - I like the ones you have to learn over time. This one is tough but I regularly finish it with spheres to spare - after much practice! You'll want to stick with this one. Written for my sister.
# of Rounds: 25
# of Downloads: 9,617
Tags: Hard, Bombs
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RLW Designed for Ricochet Lost Worlds. This level set can be played in Ricochet Lost Worlds, Ricochet Recharged, and Ricochet Infinity.

1: Cerberus

2: Overcast

3: Fortress

4: Pressure Cooker

5: Slots

6: Gauntlet

7: Square Dance

8: Watch the Ball

9: Scylla and Charybdis

10: Steam Powered

11: Don't Panic

12: Density

13: Layer Cake

14: Evil Robots

15: Armory

16: JezzBall

17: Don Quixote

18: Metamorphosis

19: Let Me in...

20: Strata

21: Spheres

22: Scythe

23: Wankel Rotary

24: Guarded Nest

25: You Made It - This Time

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