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Author: Lightning and Firestorm - (more levelsets by this author)

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Date Posted: 2009-10-17 Description:
An Explosion-Based LevelSet That You Will Rocket Through!
# of Rounds: 10
# of Downloads: 7,473
Tags: Easy, Awesome, Many Powerups, Colorful
Similar Sets: hide-n-seek (2-nd level set), Robber In The Hotel, Bricks Revenge (Edition Plus), infiltrate noops castle!, s 6th, Secret Zone, Jaydens New Levels Who can play through the fire and the flames expert, Things 3, Reinis 5th, austins version of invasion #2
RI Designed for Ricochet Infinity. This level set can only be played in Ricochet Infinty.

1: Teleporters CAN be helpful

2: Hidden Switch

3: It's an EXPLOSIVE Small World After All

4: Amoeba

5: Firestorm

6: Lightning

7: Fireworks

8: The Cloning Machine


10: Thanks for Playing [P.S. Enjoy the Fireworks!]

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