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Author: fvbsghd - (more levelsets by this author)

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Date Posted: 2009-02-10 Description:
2nd round set already? ive still got it!
# of Rounds: 12
# of Downloads: 7,172
Tags: Easy, Bombs
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RI Designed for Ricochet Infinity. This level set can only be played in Ricochet Infinty.


2: swinging by

3: one brick down......................?

4: friendly ships give u lots of lives(youll need them)

5: feind ships destroy u(this is what i was talking about)

6: glad thats over

7: volley ball

8: rail brick fun (easy)

9: rail brick fun (medium)

10: rail brick fun (hard)

11: go as fast as u like

12: BYE!

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