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Author: meep (noob for now) - (more levelsets by this author)

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Date Posted: 2008-02-14 Description:
random stuff I made, some are hard where bombs fly at you but overall it's ok and the only reason I did it in different parts is because I couldn't wait to submit it. note that most of the rounds will have barriers at the bottom, that's because i'm not good enough to do them without the barriers. and yes I will make more
# of Rounds: 20
# of Downloads: 9,278
Tags: Bombs
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RI Designed for Ricochet Infinity. This level set can only be played in Ricochet Infinty.

1: mirage meeps are messing up the area(there are invisible barriers)

2: destroy the meep spy satellite before it can get too much information!

3: hurry defeat the lagger meep before it makes the level impossible!

4: a meep pod, kill it before it gets too strong

5: we found some rockets heading for our base, destroy then quickly!

6: this is a scared meep, the only way to kill it is to push it into your ship or shoot it but don't let it go off the screen

7: what?!?!? my own base won't let me in?!?!? i'll have to break in to find out whats happening.

8: the controls are malfunctioning, we got to extract it and destroy it, then press the big red button to self-destruct, because if I don't, the security systems would be all off and broken and then the meeps would get too much information

9: a meep destroyer found you, destroy it!

10: vvvveeeerrrrryyyy short under water volcano

11: more meep pods and they launched fighters but don't worry they're too weak to hurt you

12: what a mess

13: oh no we missed a meep pod last raid and it got stronger!! hurry kill it before it can make seed ships (when they find a good spot they make 1 meep pod then die) but there is one lucky fighter and if you kill it drops a powerup but all the others drop bombs

14: mess No.2

15: incoming battleship!

16: space destroyer (attack the engines)

17: shoooot! they got armored spy satellites!!!

18: not all invaders are bad

19: but sadly, most spaceships are bad

20: disable the space portal, the recycler will help you

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