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Author: BigMama - (more levelsets by this author)

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Date Posted: 2010-05-02 Description:
This set is my invitation to anyone who would like to learn more about creating levels and/or provide feedback to authors of sets. It is a fairly easy set. Hope you enjoy and if you're not a member of the forum, try it...you might like it...
# of Rounds: 11
# of Downloads: 88,383
Tags: Artistic, Colorful, Awesome, Easy, Creative, Many Powerups, Examples, Classic Style, Boring, 11, Strategy, Bombs, 15, Autoplay, * Featured *, Collaboration, Challenging, Hard, Informative, Kids, Compilation, 13, Sparkly
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RI Designed for Ricochet Infinity. This level set can only be played in Ricochet Infinty.

1: For All Things Ricochet...

2: Infinity and RLW

3: What did you like?

4: What did you NOT like?

5: Ricochet Academy

6: Wacky Walkers

7: Choices, Choices

8: What's a back-up?

9: Transfers are easy

10: Rings and rings

11: Visit the forum

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