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Author: Harry - (more levelsets by this author)

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Date Posted: 2006-12-05 Description:
Here is a good set of fifty rounds for you to enjoy. Yes you! :) This is made to order... nah.. just kidding. I made it for everyone to play and enjoy... even the one vote monster... who btw I know is doing it! Muhahahahhaha..... Have fun!
# of Rounds: 50
# of Downloads: 123,485
Tags: Artistic, Easy, Many Powerups, Colorful, Awesome, Classic Style, Creative, Ringfest, Sparkly, Strategy, Autoplay, Bombs, Hard, Compilation, 15, Ring Puzzle
Similar Sets: Giga & Mega 5, ROCKET BALL, Nigel VI, unsterblich, Dylan, Giga & Mega, micks first, Retlaw's Real Trouble, Greenset, System 5 - Limefrost Spiral
RLW Designed for Ricochet Lost Worlds. This level set can be played in Ricochet Lost Worlds, Ricochet Recharged, and Ricochet Infinity.

1: The Begining

2: The Tree Protects The Rings

3: They Always Hold Treasures

4: Light Squares

5: Ceramonial Campfire

6: Slots Of Fun

7: If I Could Turn Back Time

8: No PU! That Stinks! LOL

9: Sparkling Blue Snowflake

10: Mayan Torture Capsule

11: Alien Mind Control

12: Switch Baby Switch

13: Just A Splash Of Fun

14: Square Delight

15: Fever Pitched

16: Tactical Questions

17: Interesting But Testy

18: Collide-A-Scope

19: Horn Mountain

20: They Will Protect The Hive

21: Tiers Of Joy

22: The Ring Round

23: Spinning Blades

24: Autobaum

25: A Break For You

26: Wonderful Changes Ahead

27: Mish Mash Of Mish Mosh

28: The Shape Of Diamonds

29: Almost Twins

30: Space Tubes

31: Color Key Coded

32: Don't Anger The Palm God

33: Tornado Is Coming! Watch For Flying Objects!!

34: Four Little Twisters

35: Oh My The Pretty Boxes

36: Tipsy Twirls

37: Wonderful Place Under The Sea

38: Kind Of A Theme

39: The Gift

40: Whoa! What! Where! Come Back!!

41: Zip Zip Flip Flip

42: Could Be A Spiral?

43: I Still Like To Move It!

44: It's A Wonderful Time!

45: Dance Of The Snowflakes

46: Circle Ring Challenge

47: Square Ring Challenge

48: They Went That Way and They Went That Way

49: Confusious Ball Confusion

50: How Easy Is That?

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