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Design Guidelines when submitting your Round Sets to be featured on this web site

  • Every round must have at least 5 rings (exactly 5 is preferred)
  • The last round in the set MUST have exactly 5 rings Extra ring will be tolerated on other levels, but the last level cannot have more than 5 rings.
  • It must be possible to finish the round without having to “get lucky”.
  • No DUPLICATE rounds are allowed. Do not include rounds that have already been released in other round sets (neither your own nor others).
  • The rounds should prove some level of challenge. A round filled with nothing but power-ups and exploding bricks provides no challenge and is only fun the first time. This gets old very fast.
  • The round set must contain at least 10 rounds. Sets with less than 10 rounds will be deleted.
  • For a more detailed list if guidelines please see this topic in the forum: Common errors made by level designers


Submit new level set
Fill in the information below to upload your level set to be published to the Internet.

You must click on the "Browse" button below and then select the file for the level set you created. The file is in the Rounds  folder within your "Ricochet Lost Worlds" folder. Typically that would be C:\Program Files\Ricochet Lost Worlds\Rounds\Xxxxx.RicochetLW

Author name to display on web site:
Description to display on web site:
email address (will NOT be posted on web site. This is only used by the administrator to contact you if there is a problem with your round set):

Do NOT submit a round set with more than 5 rings on the last round. All the extra rings on the last round will be deleted!

Please Note: All submissions become the property of Reflexive Entertainment Inc. and will be eligible for inclusion in all Reflexive Entertainment Inc. media. This means that we can share your levels with other gamers on the Web, in retail materials, and in any other way. Thanks!






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